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I’m an avid reader, to state facts mildly. One might call me downright voracious when it comes to books, actually. Since I’ve started teaching, time for reading novels solely for personal gain/pleasure has significantly decreased, but I still average 2-3 books per month. (I honestly have no idea how I’m going to cope when we have a child in the future; I’m going to go batty if I can’t snag a few moments to read here and there!) Fortunately, as an educator, summer break offers me gloriously long days sufficiently hot and dry enough to justify staying indoors to read, when I’m not running a combine or checking on cattle.

In short, I’ve long desired to share my findings with others like me–people who feel some form of physical and/or mental vacancy when too much time has passed without a book in hand. After many years of saying to myself, I need to blog about these books I’m reading, I’ve set the wheels in motion. The books featured on this site are discoveries made through word-of-mouth, Barnes & Noble book lists, and cover-skimming at book stores.


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